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Abstract Water


We do quality work using quality materials

Most issues with water under the crawl space or around the foundation are due to an improper slope that is necessary to drain the water away. Instead of dealing with water already under or around the foundation, we carry it away before it has a chance to infiltrate.

We only use solid 4" PVC pipe instead of black corrugated pipe for all of our drainage solutions.  Why?  Corrugated pipe resembles a vacuum hose and easily clogs and is likely to crush after a few years leaving it useless to drain water away from your home or yard.  All of our drain clean-out jobs involve corrugated pipe that others installed so we see first-hand the issues with corrugated solutions.

Our solution is to catch gutters directly into 4" PVC pipe that is then buried and piped away from the foundation. A combination of gravel and perforated PVC pipe, also known as a "French Drain", can also be used to collect water in low places or to act as a barrier that collects and transports water away. 

If you have a flooded basement or crawlspace we can pump it out for you and consult on solving the water intrusion problem.

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