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Setting PVC pipes before a concrete pour

The driveway on this property was sloping into the foundation and was flooding the crawl space. The best solution was to replace the old concrete with new and the home owner even expanded the driveway. We caught all five downspouts with 4" PVC and set our pipes before the concrete guys poured. This water was piped to a dry well since the entire property was fairly flat with no good place to send water.

PVC Pipes are prepped for a gutter install

These pipes have been set before the gutter contractor installed the gutters. We are able to catch existing downspouts or set our pipes for the gutter contractor to install later. We have a preferred gutter guy who has worked with us on several projects.

Drainage Solutions

Pipe and drain gates for water collection

This property owner had a soggy back yard with gutter water pouring onto the patio and to the grass. When he expanded his patio we caught both downspouts and installed drain grates to collect water and carry it past the yard.

repositioning a grate drain before concrete is poured

Timing is everything. Here the concrete guy slightly repositions our grate drain before pouring the patio. We have a preferred concrete contractor that we've worked with on several projects.

Dry Creek Bed

We love working with other contractors to solve drainage issues. Here we came in before the landscapers laid sod and caught four gutter downspouts. This water was piped to the front of the property, far away from the house

Rip Rap Armored Channel

The landscapers (and home owners) loved how we brought in rip rap rocks to armor the drainage ditch. This also aligned with the rip rap in several other areas of the neighborhood.

Catch Basin Install

This property sits below two neighbors who have diverted their water through this fence. The resulting river of water flooded the basement and was washing away our client's yard.

Drainage Basin Install

We piped our new catch basins to an existing drainage basin on the other side of the yard. We cored into the concrete basin and set our PVC pipes, then mortared them in place. This solution has worked very well for our client.

Drainage Pipe with downspout connection
PVC Pipe Installation

This building sits lower than the neighboring building. All the water was coming off the neighbor and flooding the crawl space. We worked with the neighboring building owner to catch two of his downspouts, as well as our client's three downspouts. This water was piped directly into a drainage ditch and is no longer a problem.

The water collected from these buildings was piped directly to a drainage ditch at the road with a 6" PVC pipe. Diverting this large quantity of water has kept the crawl space dry.

Trench digging for PVC pipe install
Custom drainage solution with PVC pipe

This gutter downspout drains a huge area of roof and dumps a large volume of water into the parking lot. We piped it directly to a stream at the property edge with 4" PVC pipe. Any debris that enters the gutter is carried away by the weight of the water flowing through smooth, solid pipe.

The yard behind this building slopes directly into the foundation. We solved the standing water and flooded crawl space by catching three downspouts to carry the water away. We also installed a french drain while we were digging to collect water running down the hill. These pipes run to a nearby creek and the french drain maintains a constant trickle of water - water that is no longer a problem.

PVC Pipe running under walkway

This gutter drained directly onto the parking lot and caused standing water that building residents had to deal with. We often install cleanouts, but the smooth inside of PVC doesn't collect debris or clog.

Drainage install before gravel is laid

We caught the gutter with 4" PVC and piped it under the sidewalk and to a drainage ditch on the property edge. After the drain work was done we even brought in 4 ton of gravel to cover our work and fill in some low spots in the parking lot.

Joist repair

These joists were not properly supported by a beam and had settled down quite a bit. The floor above had a very noticeable dip when you walked across.

Installing floor jacks

When installing floor jacks to correct sagging floors, they must be set on concrete footers. Although more labor intensive and costly, this ensures a permanent solution that will last.

new joist installation

We installed new sister joists and two 18,000 lb support jacks after jacking up the joists to correct this problem. These floor jacks are approved for permanent secondary support if installed correctly.

Floor joist repair

This span was too long and the entire living room was sloping down. The joists were also running the wrong way, so we had to install eight jacks. If this were new construction you wouldn't need so many. However, because the floor joists were already failing, the high number of jacks ensured the floor above was evenly leveled and supported. This repair also passed inspection for a real estate sale.

Concrete Solutions

Concrete patio with channel drain
Concrete Patio
Concrete Patio with Channel Drain
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