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At Gate City Foundation Drainage, we only use solid 4" PVC pipe instead of black corrugated pipe for all of our drainage solutions. Why? Corrugated pipe resembles a vacuum hose, easily clogs, and is likely to crush after a few years leaving it useless to drain water away from your home or yard.  All of our drain clean-out jobs involve corrugated pipe that others installed so we see first-hand the issues with corrugated solutions.

Most issues with water under the crawl space or around the foundation are due to an improper slope that is necessary to drain the water away. Instead of dealing with water already under or around the foundation, we carry it away before it has a chance to infiltrate. We currently service the Greensboro, High Point, Colfax, and Thomasville, N.C. areas. Click on any of our solutions below for more details.

French drains are used to collect

non-point surface and subsurface waters. We install the most effective french drains using schedule 40 perforated PVC and angular gravel.

Channel drains work very well where there is water flowing across concrete or other hard surfaces. Here we install a small section of channel to catch a large volume of water sheeting off a driveway.

Sometimes a sump basin is required if there is no downhill location to send water. We install automatic pumps as part of an integrated drainage solution to keep things dry.

This customer needed an armored channel to contain large amounts of water from the road and neighboring yard. We installed a riprap channel to stop further erosion and regraded the yard.

An example of how we used concrete on an appropriate grade to solve crawlspace flooding.

An example of how we used concrete on an appropriate grade along with a channel drain solution to solve basement flooding.

This back yard was eroded from years of excess surface water. After we corrected the drainage issues, we imported dirt to restore the yard. We even installed sod and some pavers for a walkway. Now the customer has a yard again!

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