Quality & Effective Drainage and Concrete solutions

Fixing a flooding basement

This customer already had an existing drainage system, but the installers designed the system poorly and used inferior materials. As a result, the channel drains were backing up and the basement was flooding. We installed a much better system using solid PVC pipe and attached parts of the old system to ours. Now the water is carried all the way to the street and the existing drains are flowing very well.


We install culverts for various applications. This customer wanted a flat front yard instead of a dangerous drainage ditch. We worked with NCDOT to get this 18" double wall pipe installed and brought in dirt to level things out.

Quality French Drains

French drains are used to collect non-point surface and subsurface waters. We install the most effective french drains using schedule 40 perforated PVC and angular gravel.

Riprap & Armored channels

This customer needed an armored channel to contain large amounts of water from the road and neighboring yard. We installed a riprap channel to stop further erosion and regraded the yard.

Channel Drains - existing concrete

Channel drains work very well where there is water flowing across concrete or other hard surfaces. Here we install a small section of channel to catch a large volume of water sheeting off a driveway.

Channel Drains - set in new concrete

New concrete is often used to solve drainage problems and is a great time to install a channel drain. We work closely with skilled concrete contractors who understand and solve drainage issues, synergistically!

Sump & Dewatering pumps

Sometimes a sump basin is required if there is no downhill location to send water. We install automatic pumps as part of an integrated drainage solution to keep things dry.

Foundation repair - adding support jacks

We repair sagging floors by adding support jacks. If installed correctly, these provide permanent, secondary foundation support.

Grading + removing excess dirt

This homeowner's back yard was sloping and uneven. Not only did this cause flooding of his crawl space, but caused the yard to be unusable. We removed a large volume of dirt and re-shaped the slope for proper drainage. We also gave him a new concrete patio.

Grading + importing extra dirt

This back yard was eroded from years of excess surface water. After we corrected the drainage issues, we imported dirt to restore the yard. We even installed sod and some pavers for a walkway. Now the customer has a yard again!

Home inspectors typically don't enter flooded crawl spaces

We assess crawl spaces for clients who are under contract to purchase a new house. The crawl space is one of the most important parts of your house - it contains the foundation, the structure of the house, plumbing, and other systems. Knowing the condition and any issues is critically important for a buyer purchasing a new house. We assess flooded crawl spaces as part of the due diligence process of buying.

It's only a driveway...

Many people think concrete work is "no big deal" ;however, improper installation of driveways, patios and walkways can cause major headaches and major damage to your home if not installed correctly.

Concrete Solution  & PVC Pipe Solution for Basement flooding.

 An example of how we used concrete on an appropriate grade along with a PVC drainage solution to solve basement flooding.

New Patio & Channel Drain Solve Basement Flooding

 An example of how we used concrete on an appropriate grade along with a channel drain solution to solve basement flooding.

New Patio solves crawlspace flooding

 An example of how we used concrete on an appropriate grade to solve crawlspace flooding.